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Our goal is to make the building of your Retaining Wall as smooth and easy for you as possible.

The standard steps to completing your project are outlined below.


1) Initial consultation

To kick start the process, we arrange a site visit to discuss your proposed development and your requirements, as well as your expectations.

We will gauge the extent of the proposed works, site conditions and any other relevant property information. 

A few photos will be taken at this stage for both your and our reference. 


2) Quote

We will endeavour to get an Quote back to you asap after our initial consultation.

Our Quote includes details of all that is included and excluded in the proposed project, as well as estimated construction times, our Current Trade Licence and details of our Public Liability Insurance.


We are more than happy to discuss any details of the quote with you, or explain things further, should you wish us to do so.


3) Contract Signing

Should our Quote be acceptable to you, we will then complete an MBA (Master Builders Association) Contract for both you and ourselves to sign.

At this stage we will request a deposit to enable us to begin work on your project. As per the Consumer Building Guide, from the 1st March 2015, the deposit payable for all projects is 10%.


4) Engineer Drawings and Council Approvals (if required)

Once we have a signed contract and deposit monies have been received, you can sit back and let us do all the hard work!

We will undertake a thorough search of all relevant information, council conditions and controls related to your property.

If applicable, we ask that any current or recent approvals and construction certificates be forwarded to us so that we can assess them to ascertain if any approvals have already been granted for the proposed development and what, if anything, still needs to be obtained. 


5) Complete proposed works

Once approvals have been granted (if required), and we have had time to review all approval documentation and any conditions inposed, we will pencil in a start date and construction can commence to complete your project. 


6) 13 Week inspection

We under take an inspection to ensure all works are satisfactory and no issues have arisen in the 13 weeks since the project was completed.

Should any issues have arisen, we will rectify these at our cost, as per our MBA contract with you. 


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