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Retaining Walls 


A good retaining wall will last a long time and can form an integral part of your garden, but it does require the right materials and specialist construction.


We work with you to ensure that you are choosing the right wall type and materials to suit your requirements.


The most common retaining wall types are as follows:


  • Treated Timber Cantilever Walls 


These walls have a simple construction method and are suitable for the price sensitive client. To increase longevity steel 'H' sections can be substituted as posts. 








  • Concrete Core Filled Block Retaining Walls 


These walls usually consist of a steel reinforced concrete footing, with steel reinforcement, concrete core filled blockwork and capping. This type of wall is suitable for higher retaining walls as well as steep sites.


  • Dry Stack Block Retaining Walls 


This wall has a similar look to the above steel reinforced concrete core filled wall, however the additional strength of concrete is not required, this is a functionality of the site conditions - height of wall, fill or cut to be retained.







  • Sandstone Rock Walls 


A beautiful addition to your garden with a very natural look and feel. Site suitability will need to be determined due to the size and weight of rocks. This is a competitively priced option.








  • Gabion Retaining Walls 


These are a great alternative to your conventional retaining wall and the cages can be custom made according to the size required. You can also choose the style / colour of rocks used to fill the cages.

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